Best Games to Earn Crypto - #1 Marblecoin

By Smeedance | Crypto Earning Games | 4 Mar 2020

As a long-time gamer who is quite new to the crypto scene I (naively) thought I could use my love of gaming to earn heaps of crypto.

Yes, I'll admit I was one of those people who thought I'd make bank in a matter of hours or days gaming for coins or tokens.

Now I'm a few months into my journey I thought I'd share some of the games I've played and what (if anything) I've made crypto-wise. So without further ado, here's the first in a series of posts highlighting my gaming crypto earnings.


#1 MarbleCards

I stumbled upon MarbleCards through Cent and it's definitely been my top earner to date.

MarbleCards allows you to create and trade digital cards that are based on URLs. Each card is a unique NFT and each URL can only be claimed once. They're like digital baseball/basketball cards, but with the addition of an arena in which you can vote for your favourite cards and earn crypto for doing so.

If you join the Discord you can also earn crypto for quests and contests. Finding matching cards in the arena for instance will net you 10 Marblecoin (MBC) per match (limited to one match per day).

In just over a month I've earned 288 MBC ($12.63 AUD at current rates) through voting in the arena and finding matches, and am the proud owner of a rather paltry collection of 11 cards that I am rather attached to.

Here's proof of some of the transactions and my current balance of 68 MBC. 


Aside from what I think are pretty decent earnings, Marblecards is also a lot of fun and there is a great, active community. So if you're not already playing why not get involved.

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Crypto Earning Games
Crypto Earning Games

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