They are not for entertainment

By Ayesha Malik | Writer Ayesha | 27 May 2021

The overexploitation of animals to cheer or gain entertainment is becoming more common. In villages, this tendency is prevalent like we see quarrels among partridge 🦃; rooster🐓; pigeons🕊, etc. Al these birds are being mistreated and their rights are being misapplied. In Spain recently bullfighting is being banished heavily because this fight only involves hurt to innocent animals. Here is the question what do you receive after giving pain to the living animals?? 

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If they can't protest for their privileges do they merit such humiliation??? Does their conflict give satisfaction to your sentiments of hate?

There is a big no for all the utterances;  they have liberties;

Freedom of living their vitality; freedom of producing their generation; freedom to inhabiting the particular niche;

They should remain unrestricted from human-induced pain and suffering;

If they are unable to reproduce; they still have their liberty.

Islam gives them rights like other living organisms and mandates to give them food; residences; care and affection.

Thereby, halt this culture in the name of humanity.

Give them affection so that you can the same preference from the creator of this universe.


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