Salivia ^° why it's significant

By Ayesha Malik | Writer Ayesha | 26 May 2021

You may speculate your saliva aisordinary, but you can't digest or engulf food without it. Our taste buds initially specify the food and then salivary glands generate saliva and this is heavily produced beside both jaws position. Now the food along with saliva is termed as a bolus.


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 Amylase enzyme is there is the modification theof  Ph of the food and once it is neutralized further it is refined to the oral cavity. The next step is the processing of this nutrition within the stomach, and the gastric enzyme results in its deterioration into smaller pieces.

But what if the saliva is not stimulated???


Surprisingly you wouldn't be able to even push the food to your throat.

Thereby there is the mystery behind these gifts of the Creator.

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