Sad goodbye

By Ayesha Malik | Writer Ayesha | 24 Apr 2021

She said her First Goodbye to her own parents home: where she enjoyed every moment of life with freedom Where she shared her happiness with Mama; Papa; sisters and brothers;
Goodbye Noor
: Her mom said these words;
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She welcomed her new life; which every girl imagines about;
She was ordered to become an obedient girl of laws; not to do anything without their permission......😐
she accepted all the things with a heavy heart..a...
She started showing her perfection ing a good housewife; most of her time was ent in the kitchen; cooking and washing went on; suddenly there arose questions related to her pregnancy; she tried to conceive but unfortunately, 3 times miscarriage was her she has to manage her home chores in this delicate period too.....
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Now she was hearing this phrase
 "she can't give you child ";
she is infecund;.....🤐

she tried to compensate for this by putti for ng all her efforts into serving to think the whole family.....
One day her husband entered home along with his new branded wife.....she gave her warm welcome a ......But her importance got fade in the shad of new bride.....what the Noor can't do was done by Asma...having 3 kids in 4 years. ..her nights became more sad; one tried to even talk to her...The house...which she made home was unknown for her:.....her good deeds and servings were lost in the Atlantic ocean rudeness by the family members was now unbearable for her.....
her husband didn't talk with her about her last miscarriage...
now for whom she has to live. ....
she questioned GOD...
She said goodbye to that life; that fake relationship...

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