Be the first drop of rain

By Ayesha Malik | Writer Ayesha | 29 May 2021

Be the first drop of rain;
​​Be the first raindrop;

it may seem difficult but it is not;

​many people hesitate to take a bold step;

or they show fear while taking a risk ;

but this is not the life,

we all have to take risks and challenge life to get success. What will be the outcome??? if we create the new path???? Outcome thinking may confuse you but don't be afraid of results...

what will happen you will get fail???

​So what then....... be an optimist;

​there is a lesson behind every failure...

you wouldn't get close to success if you keep on following the others path......

​Change is vital;

​Be the unique one; make your way ...... learn from your mistakes...

Example ;

when the rain starts; the first raindrop sites that what will it do??? how this journey would be accomplished...... but then when I move among the clouds and finally reaches the is appreciated as it gives new life to everyone...

so be the first raindrop.

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Ayesha Malik
Ayesha Malik

I am a blogger; crypto lover; artist and zoologist. Also, I have been accomplishing my goals as an author by the publication of my unique and original content on distinct sites; plus I am devouring my time as a freelancer too 😇.

Writer Ayesha
Writer Ayesha

An effort to explore the world of creativity, through the skills I have been gifted. Love to formulate ingenious and quality content. Without the restrictions, I write with freedom.

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