VIDEO : An overview video on "DOCK" - A blockchain based credential solution built using Polkadot Substrate + DOCK Token Giveaway

By Ashish Gupta | CryptoDossier | 21 Aug 2021

DOCK is a Scalable, Cost-Effective, User-Friendly And Decentralized Network built using Substrate framework of Polkadot to become interoperable with other blockchains and seamlessly integrate with the Polkadot network.

DOCK mission is basically to solve inefficiencies of existing credentials data solutions. Like in a year, billions of credentials are generated and issued by variety of industries, institutions, organizations and more using a range of methods and technologies.

To cover everything, I created a detailed video on DOCK, in which i talked about its use cases, features, tokenomics and more.

It is my request, please have a look and share your feedback either here in comment section or on video comments. It will help me improving myself in my upcoming videos. 

Giving away DOCK tokens worth of 20$ to a lucky person who:

  • Retweet and Like my video tweet - Here
  • Tag your 3 friends on tweet comments.
  • Follow me on twitter - Here
  • Once, above 3 tasks are done, please put comment "Done" here in comments.

I will announce the results after having 100 RTs.

Video Timestamps

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:37 What is DOCK?
  • 01:05 DOCK Uses Cases
  • 01:48 What is Digital Credential?
  • 02:22 Dock Blockchain
  • 02:50 Consensus model and its migration
  • 05:11 Tokenomics
  • 05:49 Staking DOCK token

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