Hyperion: A Decentralized Secure Map Platform - Complete Overview

By ultron91x | CryptoDossier | 12 Aug 2020

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Hello Friends, This week i reviewed another good project which is "Hyperion", this project has focused towards providing decentralized map services to everyone. Hyperion aims to provide One Map solution via decentralized technology, which will include map search, location share, navigation and more which offers trusted, secure and efficient decentralized map services. And its vision is to applied it to future smart city, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, IoT devices and more., which heavily rely on a long-tail, accurate, and real-time location data.

Hyperion works on Proof-of-hybrid consensus model which is the combination of Proof-of-work and Proof-of-stake consensus model. In below mentioned video, i talked about everything related to Hyperion, as follows;

  • Hyperion Use Cases
  • Hyperion OneMap
  • Hyperion Portfolio
  • Hyperion Architecture
  • Hyperion Economic Model
  • Hyperion Token (12:44)

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