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By DeeDeVille | Dee's Crypto Ditties | 20 Nov 2020

First off, obligatory opening lines, I like to try and explore, which was the main reason I joined StakeCube. It is a German-based exchange that has a lot of nice services; Idle earnings, BTC and Dash mining, a native token, supports a variety of the more popular and less popular coins, faucets, voting, hot and cold node hosting, et cetera. But let's focus on the cloud mining today.

Mining: StakeCube's cloud mining service is powered by MeaTec and is available for two coins - Bitcoin and Dash. At the time of writing this, StakeCube has 4802 TH/s BTC mining power of which I own 200 GH/s and 22 TH/s DASH mining power. They do not have more hashes for purchase at this time but I believe they will increase their total hashes very soon. I guess the current bitcoin bull run has compelled people to buy more mining power. 

Buying Hash Power: To buy mining power on the platform, you need to spend Credits which is, as it is mentioned on their site, "a virtual stable coin worth exactly 1$". You can buy Credits using their native coin called "StakeCubeCoin" or SCC, the minimum hashes you can buy is 100 GH/s for bitcoin at 4 Credits and 1 GH/s for Dash at 3 Credits. The price of Credits can fluctuate as the native coin SCC is, as any other coin, volatile. Note that while the price of Credit is always 1$, it does not make sense to hold it. At all.

Now! Let's take a look at how much I have earned from the aforementioned 200 GH/s bitcoin mining power I bought. 


Mining Rewards : Damn the screengrab only shows 10 entries and the entire log is too long to put up on here. Anyhow, you can see that I bought 200 GH/s Hashpower on the 28th September, 2020 and have accumulated 0.00002949 BTC in total. That is 0.54 USD today.

So, I spent 8$ to buy 200 GH/s and have earned back 1/8th in about 52 days.

Extra on Daily Interest : StakeCube allows idle earning which is calculated on compounds, pretty much like flexible savings by Binance. However, there is a minimum cap of 0.00050000 Satoshis. This service is also applied on other coins like Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ravencoin and the native coin, SCC. And if you hold SCC in your StakeCube wallet, you also get a certain amount of bonus on your daily interest earnings.

To conclude, apart from the obligatory "Sign up on StakeCube using my referral" ending, I kinda feel this report is lacking and not definitive, do comment on what I have missed, what I could have included and my general writing. All critique is welcome. Good day!!


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