Electroneum - The mobile based cryptocurrency

Electroneum - The mobile based cryptocurrency

Digital payments for everyone.

A new era of digital payments is needed to unlock the global economy for more than 1.7 billion unbanked people worldwide.

We have developed a revolutionary new digital payments ecosystem that allows anyone to store, send and receive digital funds via their smartphone

- no bank account required.

Introducing Electroneum.

Mobile-based payments solution is powered by ETN

- the world’s fastest and first KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency.

ETN is a store of value that can be used to purchase everyday items, from bread and milk, to mobile phone top ups.

When used in conjunction with the Electroneum mobile application, users can transfer ETN to anyone in an instant, either in person or remotely.

Millions of users worldwide.

ETN acceptance is increasing rapidly every day. In fact, our user base grew faster in the last year than Facebook and Twitter. This is in part due to our revolutionary business model that allows us to reward users with up to $3 USD worth of ETN every month. Furthermore, our partners can earn an ongoing ETN reward through our referral programme, thus providing them with new revenue, viral growth and loyalty opportunities.


How To Mine Electroneum?

First: Download The App For Your Device Apple or Android.

Two: Use The Following Code To make Cloud Mining Bonus Incomes: DBA85C



Get it on Google Play                                                                  Download on the App Store 













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