A bank,but for your crypto

A bank,but for your crypto

By jordanjnr | Crypto Digest | 5 Dec 2019

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Crypto transactions have come a long way.

They've increased in speed, security,accuracy and yes, they've also increased in fees.

And those fees can get high.

With exchanges charging you for using their services,wallet services charging you for keeping your cryptocurrencies and well,the bloody market falling flat on its face,won't it be great for your crypto to actually pay for itself for a change?

Enter banks for your crypto.

These banks claim to give you great percentages on your crypto savings with them.

Till they vanish a year after you've saved with them.

Not very bank like.

But I have a solution.

And I've been using this solution for the past 6 months to hodl my crypto.

And it gives great 13% returns on some chosen cryptocurrencies.

The name is the Celsius network,and I'll be introducing it to you in this post.

(Fun fact: if you input this code on sign-up (the code is 156041bb38),you'll get a whooping $50 on any 200 dollar deposit of ANY cryptocurrency. Try it out today!)

We all have bank accounts.

And we all earn interests on these accounts.

Won't it be nice to actually SEE our interests earned in our accounts at the end of every year?

You see,banks earn about 18-20% profits on investments done with your money.

And by giving you just 1% they keep about 80% as profit,after paying the rest to the feds.

So you're basically giving them your money for nothing in return(apart from safety. That's important too)

But what if you could get that military grade safety,and also earn 80% of the profits(that's what the bank gets)?

What if you could take the position of the bank?

Enter the Celsius network.

A cryptocurrency savings app that allows you to earn the minimum of 8% on each cryptocurrency you save with them.

I have personally been using this service for 6 months and my experience has been great.

I can withdraw my crypto at any time without fees,and I earn my interests daily,which is fun.

Plus I can take out fiat or crypto loans using my own crypto as collateral.

And with a payback of only 1% on my loans,while banks take 5% minimum, I know that this service is great.

Your crypto would be backed by 256 bit military grade security.

And with over 95% of all your crypto assets in cold storages,you know you can't be hacked easily.

Now I know that this sounds like a promo for The Celsius network.

But the service is so good that I had to let you know.

Because now,we can really take back our money from the Banks.

Freedom at last.

Remember to use the code 156041bb38 on sign-up to get $50 once you deposit $200 worth of any crypto supported on the Celsius network.

Thanks for stopping by!

If you find this post educative, entertaining or relevant,kindly leave a tip below to support my work. Thanks.


Hello! I am a Blockchain enthusiast,bitcoin investor,CEO of BigTycoon group and I love crypto! Hit me up @TycoontechBlog on twitter!

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