Cocoricos and their new EGG token

By willy39 | Crypto daily news | 10 Mar 2021


good morning all . while i was navagating through the web i came a cross cocoricos website and i found that they have 

alot of options like stakeyour coins with high rate up to 148%  as show also in their website 

also they have interested token that will come and i think it will have a great future called EGG token 




  • Token NameEGG Protocol
  • Total Supply60M EGG
  • Max Supply70M EGG
  • Tokens to Burn10M EGG
  • Burning Period100K EGG EVERY 3 MONTHS
  • Airdrop Rewards8M EGG / LOCKED 90 DAYS
  • Team6M EGG / LOCKED 180 DAYS
  • Token TypeEthereum ERC20





  • EGG Staking will be the first token ever to use a dynamic staking rewards mechanism. The longer you keep your EGG, the more your yield increases. 


when i read their whitepapaer i noticed also that every 3 month they burrn 100000 token and think that mean the price will go high for sure in 

next couples of months after luanching the token . i follow the price those days and it's between 0.048 to 0.052 cent 

personally i'll buy now 10000 token and i'll see the price how it will move 

you can register and start earning some EGG token from airdrop here 

i welcome any other ideas or comment positive or Negative as i said beofre i'm not expert with crypto im just learning like most of you 

the white papaer of EGG token 

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