Best Performing Asset Since COVID Crash? (March 2020-Now)

By Biz Wisdom | Crypto Daily FX | 22 Jun 2021

Since markets bottomed around March 18, 2020 during peak COVID fear, assets have gone on an absolute tear. Which asset has performed the best since then? 4bf3b68514b4ad8ec1fc13136ef6d2989afd7a311a1cde38b9adc84ca896740f.png

Top performing assets since COVID selloff:


1. Ethereum +1,417%

No surprise as alts tend to outperform BTC.

2. Bitcoin +498%

Outperforming all TradFi assets by a longshot and currently outperforming CAGR by 2.5x.

3. Lumber +111%

Soaring demand and reduced lumber mills operating worldwide due to COVID.

4. Nasdaq +41%

Big tech with high growth during remote work/quarantine.

5. S&P 500 +32%

QE lifts stocks with rising tide (largely buoyed by big tech stocks Tesla, Facebook).

6. Dow Jones +22%

QE rising tide.

7. Gold +16%

Significantly underperforming S&P benchmark; capital being reallocated to crypto.

8. US Dollar -1.19%

QE; enough said.

9. Silver -7%

Short-term discount before precious metals rally to higher highs?

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