Best Performing Asset of COVID-19? Crypto v. Stocks v. Commodities

By Biz Wisdom | Crypto Daily FX | 7 May 2021

From March 2020 until now, what's been the highest-performing asset of this COVID-19 pandemic? Let's take a look:


March 2020-May 2021 Weekly Chart (% Change).


From lowest to highest % gains:


Gold: 20.9%

Dow Jones: 80.1%

S&P 500: 82.2%

NASDAQ: 94.6%

Silver: 116%

Russell 2000: 121%

Bitcoin: 867%

Ethereum: 2746%


What conclusions can we draw?

1. Gold is not a hedge/flight to safety (but we already knew that).

2. This was a V-shaped recovery

3. Small-caps outperformed large-caps -- this applies to stocks AND cryptos.

4. Crypto benefits significantly more from this global inflationary environment than stocks.

5. Bitcoin performs well; legitimate altcoins (ETH) perform better. 

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Biz Wisdom

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