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Where to go for Browser Mining?

By Ginae B. McDonald | Crypto Current's | 30 Jul 2021

Browser mining is my personal, newest thing to do. It's fun. It's also somewhat tedious doing all of the homework that should be done first; 

Are there published reviews?

Who owns the domain name?

How long has this business been open?

Just to name a few of my concerns.

It took a few days to cull this list. My homework is still not completed. But, I will mush on through it, eventually.  For now, please, do your own homework and enjoy the possibilities!

BANANO Link I like this one because the name of Banano has been schmeared all over Publish 0x.  They are not maintaining an obnoxious corporate anonymity, nor are they doing stupid stuff to cheat the masses out of our money and our crypto.  I like everything about them, really.  The design is well-done and I like the potassium-enriched treats.   

BAT Link Bat seem to be on the up-and-up and they have also done their homework, as far as notifying crypto-people of their product(s) and how to use them.  

BITCOIN Link 1 I like this one because they aren't hiding and the product is fairly easy to use.

Link 2 Scam.

Link 3 Scam.

DOGE Link Scam City.  This one would be OUTSTANDING if it only were..

ETHEREUM Link Bad reviews. High cash-out. I ran it for a day and amassed $4.00. This isn't terrible. But, it's not great if you are paying electricity. It's also not great if you never get paid.

HASHBIT Link There just isn't enough information about this fairly new endeavor.  Will let it sit for a bit before I re-approach.

NETBOX Link Netbox seemed to have imploded in the beginning.  We had all heard of it.  But, light fades, as light does.  Not enough interest to keep my interest.

STELLAR Link There isn't enough information to prop up or quash this site.  We are all familiar with Stellar.  But, the mining site?  We cannot be certain, as of right now.

WEB DOLLAR Link Unfavorable reviews have been left for web dollar.  No, thanks.

MULTI-COINS Link 1 I like allcoins. They offer a nice assortment of coins and tokens. Easy to maneuver. Offers bonus points via quizzes in the chat area.

Link 2 Autoclaim is a hassle to deal with. Hit up the reviews and you'll understand why. My acquired value(s) have disappeared a few times. Completely. Just gone. your time is better spent gathering stones from a laundry mat. Or, skipping. Just. Skipping.

Link 3 has a good online reputation, has been in business since 2018 and has a nice offering of crypto.  Nice!

Link 4 Meh. It offers different currencies (most of which are already offered via CryptUnit. But, I couldn't get the web miner to work. I also couldn't find any feedback on them. Going to let this one sit for a bit without me.

Link 5 has a lot to offer.  But, I haven't heard of most of these.  However, there is nothing online about them that is negative and some of the coins/tokens are familiar.  Worthy of a look-see.

Link 6 There isn't a lot of information on/about  But, what is there, isn't good.  Look askance before leaping.

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