Daily Price Update 1st April for Coins to watch - W/C: 30th March 2020

Daily Price Update 1st April for Coins to watch - W/C: 30th March 2020

By MarcusAbuboo | Crypto-Currency | 1 Apr 2020

This is a quick summary on the last 24h price action for the coins to watch this week - W/C: 30th March 2020.

1st April 2020 -  as of 10am BST (Day 2)


The profits on day 1 have been wiped out with some downwards action. 

This is on the back of traditional markets also having the same action over the last 24h. 

As stated in my original article, a lot of uncertainty in the markets at the moment so investors are treading carefully. 

One thing to ponder around Bitcoin intrinsic value in the mist of COVID-19.

A Lot of people discuss BTC being a ‘store of value’ like Gold, we have seen gradual price of Gold increase during the epidemic by 10% and the opposite has happened for BTC. 

Is this sentiment not true or are we too early and the institutional investors not in this space yet?


Note: The below is a live view of the coin and not at the point in time the article was written. 

Legal disclaimer: This is my personal opinion based on the research I have conducted, this is not professional financial investment advice, please conduct your own research before investing.


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