Crypto talk: what I'm doing

By Diabeeton | Crypto currency stuff | 15 Sep 2020

Hello all hope u are having a good day


Today I will be talking about what I use when it comes to crypto. I am relatively new to crypto currency and am just exploring the possibilities and have put very little money into crypto so I will be talking about ways to earn crypto for people with small amounts of money to put in. 

Now obviously we are all on this website so we know that publish 0x is a good way to earn crypto for free but what you do with your earnings is important me personally my plan is to convert most of my earnings into ETH as I see this as a good investment that has great opportunity to grow further and also I don't know too much about the other cryptos on here. I do earn a bit of BAT as I use it as my browser but I am not close enough to the 25 tokens to verify my wallet yet sadly.

So I've got my ETH where am I putting it?

Well what I do is I like to put it into a interest account I use NEXO but there are other options available. I get 4% APY on my ETH which I think is good enough but you are able to increase this percentage but I am yet to do this.

If you have any tips for me please do message me or comment I'm not a professional I'm just trying my best. But thank you for reading this and learning about what I do with my crypto earnt on here.



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Crypto currency stuff
Crypto currency stuff

What I'm doing with crypto

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