The Final Countdown for Lisk

By Thalers-r | Crypto Curious | 22 Sep 2020

Fantastic song by Europe 😊 This time the final countdown is for Lisk’s last halving.

Obe wait for it…

Lisk is a platform for blockchain applications. Even though Lisk is a fork of Crypti blockchain, Lisk developers wrote whole code from scratch. Rather than calling it a fork it is safe to say that they carried on the idea of Crypti on another level. Founded in 2016 January by CEO & President, Max Kordek and CTO & Vice President, Oliver Beddows. They conducted an ICO between February and March 2016 and they raised 14052 BTC which was around $5.6 million.

Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows

The network went live in 24th May 2016. And it has been online since with a very active development team. Since blockchain technology is relatively new, there are not many people who can develop using blockchain technology. With a goal of bringing the blockchain and its advantages to everyone, Lisk provides anyone to develop using JavaScript which is a widely used programming language if not mostly. 


Green Lisk

For consensus, Lisk uses Delegated Proof of Stake where 101 delegates secure the network. Those delegates elected by people who holds LSK in their wallets. The more LSK the powerfull the vote. And if a delegate chose to share the block rewards with voters, you can earn block rewards or staking rewards by voting and holding LSK in your Lisk wallet.



After hitting all time low at $0.09 in March 2nd 2017 it touched $39 in January 7th 2018 by reaching $4.5 billion market cap. As of writing Lisk is sitting at 70th place with a $150 million market cap and 125,875,896 LSK in circulation. And in every 10 seconds, which is block time for Lisk, 2 new LSK added to the circulation as block reward.



The Final Countdown!

The block reward for Lisk blockchain started from 5 LSK for every block and decreasing by 1 LSK every year. Three halvings has happened already. Well they are not like literally “halving” as 4 is not half of 5 but it’s a term used for rewards reduction. It is the last and biggest halving for Lisk which will happen roughly in 27th September 2020 on block 13451520. The first halving was 20% reduction in block rewards. The second one was 25% and the third one was 33%. In approximately 5 days the greatest and the last halving for Lisk will occur which will be 50% as it decreases from 2 to 1 LSK. And the block reward for Lisk blockchain will remain 1 LSK.


Last but not least, Lisk is very close to its final product.


And the current status of Lisk LSK

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