Collecting NFTs on Solana from DRiP

DRiP: Collecting NFTs on Solana

By Valdyr | Crypto-Curious Blogger | 27 Dec 2023

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and sorry I've been away for a bit! I'm finishing up my novel this month (more on that soon if you all are interested) and I've been taking some time off from my crypto/web3 research for a bit during the winter break. But I have been keeping my finger on the pulse of a few projects even while enjoying my vacation, and one project I just have to write about today is a relatively new NFT platform called DRiP.

DRiP is built on Solana, and might best be described as an artist exposure platform, as - wait for it - all of the NFTs you can collect there are fee-free for both artists and collectors! So if you're thinking about dipping your toes into the world of NFT collecting, this is a great way to build your collection from both up-and-coming and established creators without having to invest your crypto or fiat right away.

In order to collect your free NFTs (which are released on varying schedules depending on the artist), users simply need to create an account, subscribe to the artists that you want to receive artwork from, and then stay active on the platform by claiming your free "droplets" every six hours from the site's faucet. These droplets are then automatically exchanged whenever you receive an NFT drop - one droplet per NFT. Need more droplets than what you can get from the faucet? No problem - you can buy them, too. These droplets are used to compensate the artists; users can tip droplets or crypto directly to their favorite artists if they'd like to, too! (Of note to airdrop hunters like myself - there had been some speculation that these droplets might turn into an airdrop, but DRiP has emphatically stated recently on X that droplets will not be turning into their own token or anything of the like; they're used for payment to the NFT creators only.) Users also have the opportunity to play a game each day to lock in a rare or legendary version of the Showcase drop each week, too. Individual artists also may offer rare and legendary versions of their artwork based on their tipping receipts as well.

You might wonder why collecting free NFTs is worth the time and effort. But remember when I mentioned that both new and established creators are participating on DRiP already? DRiP offers the opportunity to collect artwork from artists who may be about to make it big in the NFT community as well as exclusive content from established artists that you might already be following. Interested in seeing what past DRiP artwork is selling for on the secondary market? You can check out the DRiP collections on both Tensor and Magic Eden to see what some of the earlier releases are listing for currently. (At the time of writing, I found at least one collectible listed for a few SOL.)

All in all, I've found that DRiP has been an easy, fun, and free way to discover and collect new artwork on Solana. Need an invite code to join? I have ONE left - shoot me a DM on X (link below) to claim. You can also comment on DRiP's X feed to find someone else handing out codes if you're interested. Alternately, if you are using Phantom Wallet, you can check in the apps section under 'Quests' to see if you qualify to join directly through your wallet, too.

Happy collecting!

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