Get Your Free NFT rats (and Sell Them for BCH) - $RAT

By Crypto Cupid | Crypto Cupid | 20 Apr 2021

I don't usually do NFT faucet but this one is just too cute to resist.

An artist Shadowkite started a project - $RAT, a fun collectible with rat images generated based on the token ID. A total of 10,000 rats will be minted (6,170 minted as of now). These rats are all unique and some are rarer than the others.

What's even better is that you can sell them just like any other NFTs. A rare transparent $RAT standing in front of a rainbow background is being listed for 2222 BCH on Juungle.



Okay, so here is how to claim your free $RAT the simple way:

  1. Register an account on

  2. Go to "account" -> "Wallet" and copy your deposit address (starts with "simpleledger")

  3. Paste the deposit address at and tap on "Claim"

  4. The free $RAT will appear in your Junngle account on the "Unlisted Assets" page (It will takes a few minutes or hours depending on the traffic)




    You can keep them if you think they are cute. Or you can swipe left and use the "Sell" button to sell them directly on Junngle. While it's free to list your $RAT for sale, a 2% fee (minimum fee 0.00001 BCH) will be deducted from the sale price once your rat is sold.

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