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Yes, just 10%

By Raz12 | crypto crypto crypto | 6 Feb 2021


soooo, here is my portfolio and I will start with probably the number one question, why just 10% of my portfolio is Btc?

well, I generally believe that some altcoins, especially Eth and Ada are going to out perform Btc gains by far.

I think that while Btc is slowly becoming a store of value like gold, Eth and Ada are going to be the new Internet, which has a ton of users all around the world.

And why Dash?
Honestly speaking, Dash ath is 13.6x from where we are sitting right now and I believe that he can come back to that level later in this year.

The smaller cap coins include Snx, 0x,Zil, and some others, these are coins I heard and saw some interesting things so I went in to see what it was all about.

And that's it, if you got anything to say, drop it in the comments, like the post if you enjoyed and tips will be appreciated.


*Saw that I wrote protfolio instead of portfolio above the diagram, still working on my English😬

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crypto crypto crypto

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