Cub defi craze,got it.

By Raz12 | crypto crypto crypto | 9 Mar 2021

This article was originally written in (By myself of course) so for anyone who doesn't know Cub defi, read this before reading this article.

As of right now, about 16 hours from the Cubdefi launch every article in is about the platform, people bragging about their profits, so I decided to join everybody, lmao.

I invested while the CUB price was about 3$ and the TVL was less than half a million, right now the price of one CUB is sitting at the lovely 14$ level, and the TVL is 5,000,000$.


For anyone questioning themselves, I indeed made 100% of my original investment, lucky for me I got in about 15 hours ago, deposited some of the BNB-CUB pair at almost 70,000% APR.

Now, enough bragging, is it still worth it for you?
In my opinion (no investment advice) yeah, still worth it.
You won't make huge gains like if you had invested in the first few hours, but there is still a lot of possible growth ahead of us, and we know that this is a farm we can trust!

Hopefully, some of you guys got in early and made some gains, and everyone else, there are Lots of opportunities in Defi, DYOR, and let's make some money!!!!


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