The XYO Network & COIN - Is This Project And App A Winner?

The XYO Network & COIN - Is This Project And App A Winner?

By JLettermanMB | Crypto Cranny | 27 Nov 2019

Let me be blunt as I get underway here. I am able to stake 300 coins a week on one tile and generate 800-1000 coins in return. If I were to not do anything else, I would hypothetically be able to make that much free COIN per week, which in return can be traded for XYO, ETH or BTC using the app. Oh but there is so much more to this story than that. What is the XYO COIN app? Is it worth taking a look at as a crypto enthusiast? 


Allow me to be blunt once more so that I can provide the downside based on my experience. First, the price of the coin has progressively spiraled downward. Second, you don’t accrue COIN quickly without a sentinel or a premium subscription. The monthly subscriptions will run you $24.95 per month for COIN Plus or $34.95 per month for COIN PRO.


It can still pay to accrue COIN with a Basic Plan for free, but you can’t trade it in for XYO and withdraw it to an external wallet until you have 10,000 COIN. Okay, so many crypto enthusiasts who want to HODL coins without paying money to invest in each one of them are used to patience being required. At that point, you would be accruing COIN for free, so who cares, right? 

Input the fact that this project is one of my favorites. I am far from understanding The XYO Network in its entirety, and I have no clue whether this project will actually be a complete success. Yet the concept and goal of the company intrigues me. And I also really enjoy using the app. You can bet that is why I signed up for a subscription over the last two months. 

Did I make all of my money back? No. That’s okay because where the XYO COIN app has failed me, I have generated returns in other areas. And, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I could cancel my subscription and turn 300 coins into 800-1000 coins each week, as things stand, and only geoclaiming on one tile.


Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. After two months, I am just now getting used to the app and what I feel I want to do moving foward with my COIN and XYO. The first time I got to 10,000 COIN, I sent it to my Trust Wallet and ended up trading it for other crypto, and not for much I might add. 

I canceled my subscription after the first month, but I kept using the app of course. I subsequently reignited my subscription, and I decided to see if there were ways I could maximize the COIN I was getting. Here are a few things I noticed.

First, I can leave the app on all night long and geomine hundreds of coins, with a subscription. WIthout a subscription, each geomine is not near as much as it would be with a subscription, but you would still accumulate COIN. Additionally, I got more used to geoclaiming in my area and understanding how many coins to stake in order to get the best weekly return.

If you’re not familiar with the XYO app, it will geomine for you while your phone or sentinel sits there, but to maximize returns, you geomine while on the move. I have thought about how truck drivers could make a ton of COIN and are perfect candidates for this app. I am not always out and about, but I do geomine when I am on the move. 

I have managed to increase the amount of COIN I get from my subscription each month, and I am also continuing to hold the XYO in my Trust Wallet. Recently, the XYO Netowrk changed the conversion rate from COIN to XYO, making 10,000 COIN worth more than 10,000 XYO. I am close to cashing out again and am considering switching to Basic for awhile while I continue to geoclaim with my coins each weekly for a return. 

Doing that would give me another month or two to get to know the app better and also recoup my small losses thus far. Granted, I’m not so interested in recouping those small losses as I am interested in getting to know a project I’m excited about. Additionally, I want to continue accumulating those coins. 


If XYO were to be successful, well, the price per coin could skyrocket while many early adopters are holding thousands of coins. Will that happen? No one knows, but that is one thing I like about the crypto economy. I enjoy investing, and with stocks, I no longer entertain speculative positions. I do take risks, however, using options and leverage to accentuate my returns. In the crypto space, I acquire main coins and compound, too, but I also get to get excited about a market in its infancy and speculate with certain projects, without a heavy investment. 

We are able to accumulate all kinds of coins out there, many for free, just by spending some time. I have one entire page on my phone devoted to crypto apps that I use. I have my main wallets and investment accounts on another page with all of my banking apps. The COIN app is one of my favorites. It is the one I let geomine for me at night. 

I could have discovered all of this without purchasing a subscription. I say that because you can, too. If you have yet to start mining with the COIN app, check it out. The Sentinel, which I don’t have, is free, save for paying roughly $13 for shipping. Don’t ask me why I never got it and instead chose to either geomine basic or with a subscription

I suppose I just never took the time to take the additional step with the Sentinel and dove right in with a subscription, not minding the fee. I think anyone involved is going to make money off of this project, all the while helping a dedicated group of developers bring their goals and dreams to fruition. But that is far from a guarantee. Either way, I hope my experiences with the app over the past couple of months help some people decide to give XYO geomining a try.


I am a ghostwriter, investor and foodie. I enjoy learning about the crypto world, and I am continuously seeking out new opportunities.

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