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Top 5 Crypto Wallets (Detailed Review)

By Crypto Coon | Coonville | 12 Sep 2020

What's the best crypto wallet? I've seen many post on publish0x about best wallets but they tend to be poorly researched and lack detailed comparison. This review will try to go into the detail about what makes a good crypto wallet and will be targeted towards intermediate and advanced users. In short, best wallets will have these features: clean/intuitive UI, open-source, fully customizable network fee, segwit support, and customer support.

5. Coinomi: One of the oldest and most popular crypto wallets.

    +customizable network fee, segwit support, telegram customer support     

     -mediocre UI, poor reputation, not open-source      

4: Exodus: Very popular and often considered one of the best crypto wallets, but it's not.

    +clean/intuitive UI, segwit support

     -not open-sourced, non-customizable network fee, no telegram/discord customer support

3. Atomic Wallet: Very popular, especially on publish0x. Must mean it is really good right? No, it is not. Atomic Wallet has a good referral program, writers and influencers get rewarded with AWC tokens for their promotion. 

    +clean/intuitive UI, partial segwit support (sending only), telegram customer support

    - not open-source, not fully-customizable network fee

2. Trust wallet: Very unique wallet as it is connected to Binance DEX + Binance Chain. Which mean exchange fee is very low, only 0.000375 BNB (~0.10$). However, Binance DEX does not have full interoperability, which means it does not support Bitcoin and other UTXO tokens. Also, no legacy address support, this could be a big problem when trying to send between wallets. 

    +clean/intuitive UI, segwit support, built-in DEX, fully customizable network fee

    -not open-source, mobile only, no legacy address support, no telegram/discord customer support

1. Guarda: The best wallet in my opinion. The uncrowned-king of wallets. Has all the feature for both advanced and beginner users. 

    +clean/intuitive UI, open-source, fully customizable network fee, partial segwit support (sending only), active telegram customer support


Diamond In The Rough?
AtomicDEX wallet: Still in beta, but is very promising. Has built-in atomic swaps DEX, which means low-fees and is fully-decentralize. Will have full interoperability unlike Binance DEX. Pay close attention to this project and wallet. 


Final Thoughts

TLDR: In short, best wallets will have these features: clean/intuitive UI, open-source, fully customizable network fee, segwit support, and customer support. Being open-source is important because it allows for users to review and fact-check the code. Otherwise, we have to trust the developers with our money. A fully-customizable network fee is also important because it can save you a lot of money on fees. With non-customizable network fee wallets, fee tend to be a lot higher than it needs to be. And if wallet is not open-sourced, how can we know developers are not secretly taking a cut of network fees? Use to see the current recommended fee to use. Having telegram/discord customer service is also a must because you're bound to run into some problems and you don't want to wait forever for an email reply. Also, important to note. All these wallets has built-in swap exchange but DO NOT USE THEM, except for trust wallet. Why? Because they take a fat cut and the exchange rates are not as good if you just went to their partner exchange instead, often it's changeNOW or changelly. 

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