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Top 5 Crypto Wallets (Detailed Review)

12 Sep 2020 2 minute read 5 comments Crypto Coon

What's the best crypto wallet? I've seen many post on publish0x about best wallets but they tend to be poorly researched and lack detailed comparison. This review will try to go into the detail about what makes a good crypto wallet and will be target...

How To Trade Perpetual Futures 101

24 Aug 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Crypto Coon

So you're interested in trading crypto? This is a 101 crash course to mastering the most traded derivative instrument that is called "Perpetual Futures". Fear not because perpetual futures is not as complicated as you might think. There is a reason w...


Litecoin Transactions Surge Following Release of LiteBringer Game

21 Sep 2020 TheDesertLynx

22 September 2020
Litecoin has smart-contract capabilities now? I didn't know that

LocalCryptos: Ethereum Fees "Hurt the Underserved" Like Venezuelans

17 Sep 2020 TheDesertLynx

19 September 2020
Why were they even using eth in the first place? Cause it's cheaper to mine? That means it won't be easy for them to switch to a different coin.

Binance: 7% Cashback of its Visa Crypto card

19 Sep 2020 Gamma

19 September 2020
Can US residents get it though....I think not.

Block DX Review: A Trustless Decentralized Exchange Platform

18 Sep 2020 Crypto Adventure

19 September 2020
That fact that you have to download the software instead of it being web-based is really hurting this project. Their wallet is not even downloadable. It's a incomplete project like many others. Just gonna have to wait and see where this one goes.

$625,000 to hack Monero and /or bitcoin’s lightning network: Who is up for the ride?

16 Sep 2020 Dzoelx

17 September 2020
They just admitted they don't have the capabilities to track monero. Before they said this, no one knew for sure but now it's practically an invitation for people to use monero.

Bitcoin Will Never Destroy Your Government’s Money

13 Sep 2020 MarkHelfman

15 September 2020
I know fiat has volatility buddy. Who ever said it didn't? Fiat will die sooner than you think. Crypto will overtake fiat just as using card has overtaken cash. Crypto is cheaper and more convenient for both users and businesses. That's why you see increasing number of businesses accepting crypto. Not because they wanna get on the hype train but because it's already more useful than fiat. You say fiat will never die, I'm telling you it's already dying. Whether it dies early or late nobody knows, but it will die.

Bitcoin Will Never Destroy Your Government’s Money

13 Sep 2020 MarkHelfman

14 September 2020
Wrongs in so many ways. Bitcoin volatility is due to it's infancy and low market cap. Look at gold, price does not fluctuate that much. Like gold, once Bitcoin reaches it maturity, it's volatility will decrease. Moreover, certain coins are inflationary, they can serve the purpose of fiat. Fiat is dead already, people just don't know it yet.

Bitcoin Will Never Destroy Your Government’s Money

13 Sep 2020 MarkHelfman

14 September 2020
By that logic gold is also unlimited supply. Just cause you cut it into smaller pieces don't change the overall amount.

Trust Wallet With Built-In DEX Is Simply Awesome!

13 Sep 2020 Sapphire

14 September 2020
Trust wallet is alright...BEP2 tokens maybe 1:1 but they are not the same and you would never want to keep a large amount in such token. Maybe a little to trade with is fine. Biggest problem with Trust is no legacy address support and no customer support. Also, it's mobile only

Top 5 Crypto Wallets (Detailed Review)

12 Sep 2020 Crypto Coon

12 September 2020
Most wallets use third-party exchange to do swaps. Binance does have XRP so what do you mean exactly? Kucoin also has a lot of trading pairs if you can't find them on Binance.

Unraveling Block DX: A Genuinely Decentralized Exchange for Cross-chain Atomic Swaps with XLite Wallet

10 Sep 2020 Crypto Adventure

12 September 2020
Thanks for bringing this to me attention. I will need to test it. Very similar to AtomicDEX project by the looks of it.

The Best Crypto-Exchange

10 Sep 2020 McAlex7

11 September 2020
Poorly written and researched. I'll post an in depth exchange review soon.

Telegram (TON) crypto is officially dead, now what?

30 Aug 2020 Roberto D.

30 August 2020
I never understood why SEC has jurisdiction over Telegram considering that Telegram is UK based. If they really wanted to make this happen can't they just relocate their headquarters to Malta or something?

Decentralized Exchanges in 5 Minutes

25 Aug 2020 NOWNodes

25 August 2020
IDEX is not a true DEX as they have kyc requirements. DEXes have 3 sub-categories, non-custodial DEX, hybrid DEX, and true DEX. Non-custodial is the lowest bottom tier and should not even be considered a DEX (like IDEX). Hybrid DEX, as an off-chain order books and is a hybrid between CEX and DEX (Binance DEX). True DEX is comepletely trustless, permissionless, and fully decentralized (Uniswap). I will go into detail about this in a future post.

Crypto or fiat? The most used method for laundering money

24 Aug 2020 Roberto D.

25 August 2020
Well researched and written. Crypto will certainly make money laundering easier, no doubt about that. Mixing with 10+ rounds should make it nearly untraceable. Or better yet just use monero.

Am I getting my time's worth when I play to mine?

24 Aug 2020 Mireane

24 August 2020
So you played for a month for 0.004 ETH which is 1.6$?

How Korean Dramas have “worked” for me

17 Jul 2020 Mireane

24 August 2020
Lol, can't believe you're writing about K-drama on this crypto orientated site.

Top 16 DeFi Trading Platforms & Protocols

24 Aug 2020 D3F1

24 August 2020
Unfortunately they are all Ethereum based

A Future Look at our Decentralized World

24 Aug 2020 JBro

24 August 2020
The entire internet will collapse onto the blockchain. Just like how before the phone network collapsed onto the internet. The entire internet will be decentralized. I will go into this in detail in a future post.

Top Five Best Mobile Crypto Wallets

23 Aug 2020 warliezdiaz

24 August 2020
Obviously you need connection to sync, but with Exodus people reported needing connection just to even login and see balance.

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