Time to Make Lemonade

By Toadsticker | Crypto Collector | 9 May 2022

The crypto Twitidiots have been subdued and at times downright silent ever since we entered into this down cycle. Many doubters are pointing out how crypto is performing very similar to other commodities and currencies in this messed up global economy.

So what does that mean for the Crypto Collector? I say "So What?"

I am not a crazy gambler putting my life's savings into the market hoping to get rich. I am collecting crypto using only my time and not my money... I am making lemonade when others are begins to panic, or even get out of the market.

If you are truly in it for a long haul investment, don't panic, stay the course and possibly eventually reap the rewards.

I will continue to put in the time and continue building up my meager stock.

Until next tine.


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Crypto collector trying to navigate a new world order.

Crypto Collector
Crypto Collector

I am into crypto for the fun and experience of exploring something that has the potential to make people rich. To me the whole crypto market is like 19th century Africa was to the British...A jolly good place for exploration and adventure!

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