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By Colibri | Crypto Coins Lovers | 2 Jan 2021



                                         Declaration of allegiance to Torum - To start I have to introduce myself, I am a lone wolf that wanders in the world of the internet, which I consider my second home. I started in the 90s, when the browsing speed was 54 Kb, yes they are reading well, to open a page it seemed like an eternity and to download, an impossible mission. Fortunately everything has evolved. My first social network was Hi5, a meeting point to meet people from all over the world, which before was only possible through irc channels or forums. Later on Facebook came and a whole world opened up, but the sun was short-lived, because the reason for its true existence was to come, which was to collect personal information and use it or sell it, for the benefit of the owner and others, but never for the benefit of those who use it. This is a brief summary, until I reached Torum that I thought was another project and that's it, another project. In a social network for Crypto lovers, I started by posting memes with and without meaning, I formed a Clan and a Company. Despite being a social network focused on cryptocurrencies, I was never reprimanded for posting my idiots, the users, the ambassadors or even the creators were always friendly. I found it strange, I have to be honest, in the world of Facebook or Twitter, for sure, they would have already massacred or treated me badly because my posts, for the most part, do not go against the real function of the social network. Did not happen . I'm glad . The environment is good and advisable and so it is time to get to know the project as a whole. It is an ambitious and plausible project and in which I increasingly enjoy participating and helping its development as a user. It has not been easy, I have to be honest. My computer has broken down and Torum is not yet available to work via a mobile phone. but I didn't give up, I connected an old laptop without a screen to a television and I have to wait until midnight to have access to the computer, because the television is shared and only through the night I can access the internet.I started to fall asleep during the day, every night, to access Torum, religiously to get to know a little more about this crypto world that was shown in this new social network called Torum. The enthusiasm is great, the desire to produce content for the Clan and the Company is greater. Every day I carry out daily missions, which offer XTM, as compensation. With more than 200 followers, 70 gifts offered, wallet unlocked. I start a new phase of content production both in the clan and in the company, sharing information, so that everyone can understand the world of crypto coins. Pass as much information as possible on the subject so that less informed people can learn or share their own knowledge. All this is possible for Torum and so I declare that I will do my best to help this project, because if they accepted my worst, they will be worthy my best. I hope to make good friends, as I have done over the 28 years of the Internet, both on the Web and on the Deep Web. To those who have not given up on reading this text until the end, I thank you for the time you spent on me. From the heart I say Namaste! I thank Torum and I leave my humble availability to help. In life I only have one mission, when I die, make sure I did everything to leave this world, a little better, to live. Respect, Peace and Love and what I wish for everyone.






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Crypto Coins Lovers
Crypto Coins Lovers

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