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By Colibri | Crypto Coins Lovers | 12 Jan 2022

                                                          #Torum200kmembers       The winter had started a few days ago, a computer broken and another one with the screen broken after having suffered an attack from my cats. without computers , with an old cell phone and despair taking over my life , it was 21 November 2020 . After having lost two crypto wallets , having been tricked into another one in which I delivered my words seeds to the Bandit . Sites of clicks, schemes and a whole disillusionment of a world that was unknown. I learned a lot from my own mistakes but on the horizon I could not see the gems that spoke so much even for the irony of fate , I connected my pc to a common access television in my living room , where I could only access the computer after midday At night , when everyone was sleeping , Out of nowhere I meet a person who introduces me to  #Publish0x ,  #AliensWorlds and  #Torum . The nights were cold , a blanket , a broken computer and a renewed desire to want to learn more about these projects that had given me a new lease of life , for the bad time I was going through . Of the three projects, one of them caught my attention, Torum. After registering an account and becoming a Torum Lander on November 21st 2020 , I get to speak with several Team members and I fall in love , not for their words , but for the passion , the belief , the humility of a group of people who ran after a dream. Surrendered , all the information I collected told me , what do you have to lose ? I felt that I could be part of something new and I was accepted with humility by the team that guided me at the beginning , and together with other Landers a cycle of friendship was created , of completely different people and at the same time with a common love , Torum the social space pair lovers of crypto Coins. I explained my situation to the Torum team and that it was not easy to access their network under my conditions, but thanks to a Lander, who didn't lose to me, when changing xtm to waxp, but at the time xtm was worth 0 and waxp already had value . It helped a lot in my life, it was a radical change. At the beginning , after being helped in Torum I managed to get the balance to fix my computer and started a pledge with the Torum team . loyalty , respect and mutual help , written and posted in my news feed , as a promise . The journey was painful and fantastic at the same time, the jokes, the posts, the joy of the Landers who discovered each other with each passing day. There were also false accusations of the project being a scam, which the team didn't want to know about, but everything was answered in good time. In Portugal we say that what doesn't kill, strengthens and we go on stronger. After a year in Torum I made three withdrawals in which I paid my debts, invested in myself, invested at home and went back to investing in cryptos


Torum (XTM)


 . thanks to the xtm Token. Now is the time to gather, earn and buy and reach other goals in life and Torum's help was immense and made me advance in a year what I didn't achieve in the past. Torum changed my life. 



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Crypto Coins Lovers
Crypto Coins Lovers

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