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Ethereum mining ⛏ massive profitability #2

By Chronocrypto | Crypto Chronicles | 3 Sep 2020


With ETH skyrocketing multiple times over and over again I wanted to just stick to Mining ETH before the proof of stake kicks with that being 32 ETH to create a Masternode, in and with that check out my estimate earnings in USD.

With just two RX 5700 xt, the opportunity is there I am thinking of setting of at least an 20 card rig.

With each card running at 50 Mh/s having 20 should bring in a nice profit after a couple of months and I keep ETH as is I can gather a few of them before it’s to late.




Very impressive. I must say it is still very profitable to mine ETH if you have some spare GPUs with 8+ memory I say boot them up and starting mining ⛏ than stake em.



I was also excited when Ray wanted to bust out his two GTX 1080’s dunno if it’s for the brofund but excited nonetheless.



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