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Bought the top, Got Rekt, Hodl

By Kus Gan | Crypto-Chocolate-Box | 18 Apr 2021

Bought The Top

This is my personal story on how I started and get involved in Crypto.

It was October 2017 that I came across a story on internet about crypto that triggers me to invest.

Prior to that I was suppose to invest in a stock of a local company, after doing the research, I did not pull the trigger and invest, only to find out a year later that the stock price has risen to 500%. I was kicking myself after I found out.

Fast forward to October 2017.  I did some research, then FOMO kicks in after I saw that the price continues to rise from $4k BTC to $8K BTC. 

Bought BTC around $8k, sold when it reach $15k First Week of December. Only to see Bitcoin at $20K. 

The sentiment at that time was euphoric. Everyone belief that Bitcoin will continue to rise after a correction. 

So, I bought the dip at $13k feeling like a genius. 



Then the Bear came. It was a cold long winter that I would end when Bitcoin volatility decrease around $6k from August to November.

Then the drop to $3k happen. I got REKT.

Some "crypto analyst" expect a $1K bitcoin even less.


REKT Feeling

Some days I will wake up in the middle of night. Sometimes a I will feel a tingling sensation on my finger tips. Sometimes I just want to vomit.

Terrible feeling. 



I did HODL of course and continue to average in. My average BTC buy was around 7K . 

I am glad I did. The only problem was I bought some [email protected]  that died in the bear market.



Portfolio in Green

My Portfolio is now UP 60X even with this dip. 

I just hope that this dip is not a Bear market opening the door. 

I was hoping to be able to buy a house for my family and reinvest in the bear market again. 

Then maybe buy a LAMBO come next bull!



It really takes a lot of well power to hodl through the bear market. 

Much more will power to continue buying when the market is down and the sentiment is poor. 

I did sell some of my holdings on the disbelief phase. Because I could not belief that the market is going to recover. 

Some Alts that I bought are Dead and others are good as dead. Others makes me really happy. 

If you are a new investor in this space a.k.a. newcomer, Pump chaser investor.  Continue to learn understand the space. 

and for goodness sake stop chasing pumped coin.

Newcomer Chasing Pumped Coin



Anyone to see my Portfolio?

Are you interested to know which altcoin I invested are dead now?

Let me know in the comment section. 

Your Tip is very much appreciated by a jobless turned crypto writer. 


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Kus Gan
Kus Gan

Crypto Researcher


Bought the top and hodl through the bear market until the bulls appear. Crypto lover, Hodl, Staker, Farmer, and a Degen.

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