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Voyager Digital To Be Auctioned in September 2022

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 7 Sep 2022

     Voyager Digital is totally insolvent, it will be auctioned off since current owner is not able to handle business.

     Even though it is digital, don't wonder why someone would purchase it when there are ways to create new platforms. Actually, Voyager will sell its assets at the auction as well, so there are still people who are interested in buying this platform.

Date of the Auction

     September 13 has been set as the date of the auction, and September 29 will mark the day on which the results will be made public.

Parties Involved

     The names of the parties involved are confidential. Another issue is that SBF's two companies, FTX and Alameda Research, who were earlier considered favourites, are uncertain about participating in that auction since SBF and Stephen Ehrlich, the current CEO of Voyager, had a quarrel.

Examples -

 SBF criticized Voyager for Bankruptcy Procedure

Voyager refused to be sold to SBF

How will clients be affected?

     That is the question, then. There are 100k Voyager clients who want their assets returned to them, but there is no real solution to this problem; the new owner will decide what will happen to the remaining assets.

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