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Visa and MasterCard Crypto projects to be concluded...

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 2 Mar 2023

The news presstitute is agitating over crypto matters again, and this time Reuters is involved. 

Reuters claimed Visa and MasterCard stopped their crypto projects

Recently, news giant Reuters reported that payment giants Visa and MasterCard stopped the crypto project because of uncertainty in the market and regulations. This comes as a surprise to many; some even thought that it might be due to SEC mismanagement.

Not Stopped - claims Visa and MasterCard

Contrary to Reuters' claim, according to crypto-related news firms, Visa and Mastercard have now denied the news of crypto project closure. As per the new information, they will continue to support crypto firms.

A Presstitute Possibility 

This claim contradicts the claim of the Reuters. It seems that the writers put out false news to create propaganda against the crypto world. Earlier, Forbes also accused Binance of being a scam like FTX, which CZ denied. 

Visa and MasterCard working on even CBDC

Mastercard and Visa are trying to get into profitable crypto projects, including the CBDCs; it is less likely that they will halt any project due to market conditions or regulation, which is borderless. Moreover, a business cannot leave a project that makes its business.

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