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Binance under attack by Forbes

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 1 Mar 2023

Forbes is a US-based business magazine, and Binance is a crypto exchange. They are both industry heavyweights. But they are currently at loggerheads.

Forbes Attacks Binance

     According to a Forbes report, Binance, has moved about $1.8 billion in customer assets without informing customers. Forbes' claim shows that CZ is using Binance to move funds in same way SBF was using FTX.


CZ Denies Allegations 

     The CEO of Binance CZ has denied Forbes' claims, asserting that the publication published a FUD (Fear, uncertainty, and doubt) story by bringing up certain previous Binance-related blockchain transactions to paint Binance in a bad light.


Presstitute or Scam-  $200M Question 

     CZ invested $200 million in Forbes, or at least planned to invest that much. So either Forbes is playing presstitute for not receiving investment, or just it was a wasteful investment, and Forbes wants more.


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