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Time to say GOODBYE to Noisecash

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 22 Jan 2022

Nice guys, it's time for me to leave the noisecash platform. A place to earn BCH.

I posted Loving, Friendly, Helpful, (or whatever you call it) posts there. I never got greedy, distributed my FreeTip at 50 to 80 percentage depending on the quality of posts. Furthermore, I never took more than 50% for myself, also helped in keeping Noisecash clean by reporting spam, plagiarist posts from time to time. But this didn't stop Noisecash to turn me out of its revenue.

I was taken out of Noisecash's FreeTip feature for an unknown reason, due to which I became dependent on others for BCH revenue there.

Although I could tip from my wallet, doing so would only lead to a spending and no earning situation, which was expensive.

I was ignored by many members here due to inability to give tips, some members even blocked me, with whom once I used to have good laughter and jokes. This proved the saying that Friends are only rented, and their lease ends when you are out of money.

But there I found some good friends too, and I am thankful to them, they continued to support my revenue by giving me tips despite knowing it well that I am not giving them any return. But I would not like to put any burden on you all.

I have three paths -
1) Be dependent on friends. (It would be like becoming a burden).
2) Make your own expenses. (This will make expenditure on income heavy).
3) Leave the site. (there is no one to miss me).

In the end, after much thought, I have chosen the third path.


I am not saying Farewell, I may return in future if I get a chance with changes in Noisecash

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Crypto Champion

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