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The role of bitcoin detractors behind the success of bitcoin

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 17 Mar 2023

During the crypto winter, Bitcoin detractors incited people to sell bitcoin and not to buy it at the current dip. Warren Buffett, Charles Munger, James Dimon, etc. were promoting this field, and this had a two-pronged effect.

Rise of Bitcoin Business

Influential opponents made many people sell their bitcoins, but how? It is natural that sellers (makers) find buyers (takers). Many people didn't buy bitcoin under the influence of these influential rich people; they disregarded the "buy the dip" theory. As a result, some sellers were forced to either keep their BTC ie HODL, or find new buyers, i.e., new investors.

Fall of anti-Bitcoin

Bitcoin detractors could not understand that when they force people to sell bitcoins and forbid people to buy them, they encourage existing crypto holders to grow and trade in crypto.


Winner Bitcoin in Bank vs Bitcoin 

Bitcoin detractors unintentionally made Bitcoin influential, but they were not able to save the bank. Banks were targets of authorities, like now one after another, banks are collecting, with no or minimal effect on Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin again 


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