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TeraWulf starts first nuclear-powered Bitcoin mining in the US

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 7 Mar 2023

Bitcoin mining company TeraWulf has announced the launch of a bitcoin mining farm at its Nautilus facility in Pennsylvania, which is fully nuclear-powered. With nearly 8k rigs,  TeraWulf's attempt is hit from the start.


Not The First in the World, but First in US 

Miami's mayor was trying to start Bitcoin mining with nuclear energy, which would have made Florida the first such state in the US, but TeraWulf made Pennsylvania the first such state.

This is definitely happening for the first time in US, but, this is not the first time in the world that nuclear power is being used for bitcoin mining. Nuclear power is also used in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia to mine bitcoin and other PoW cryptos.

TeraWulf' Green Mining 

Bitcoin miners are always suspected of wasting power and creating pollution, provides answers to such Alligations.

TeraWulf is known for using green energy for its mining operations, it already uses solar and hydro power and provide solution to those who claim Bitcoin mining is polluting environment. 

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