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SBF to be the new owner of Voyager Digital

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 23 Oct 2022

The US Federal Court has approved FTX to buy Voyager Digital's assets. This has cleared SBF's part. Customer vote on 29th November will finalize it.

Due to the failure of the Luna blockchain, cryptocurrency lender Voyager Digital rose to doubts (read here) after if started behaving like Celsius. Later after receiving a loan from SBF-owned Alameda Research. A lender taking credit also made Alameda Research a leading name, and SBF became a big name in the crypto industry.

Loggerheads & Settlement 

Voyager later declared bankruptcy and was scheduled to be sold. Then a lot of arguments happened between SBF and Steve Ehrlich (Voyager CEO), which damaged the reputations of both. Even Marc Cuban was sued due to his connection with Voyager.

When Voyager went up for auction in September 2022 ,(Read Here), SBF's firm was considered the least likely, but FTX bought it at an auction for $1.422 billion.

Now Voyagers, too, has accepted this, and has declared ownership of the assets to the US arm of FTX. 


Although customer vote is still avaited, but there is nothing left with Voyager, other bidders are still behind. But SBF is emerging better. With the Voyager settlement, FTX is going to own everything Voyagerr has. Voyager's case against 3AC is still going on, now SBF will get entry into that claim too.

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