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Robinhood Hack and Crypto Scam Alert

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 26 Jan 2023

     Hackers do not scale back their wicked acts; these burdens on society this time attempted to swindle people through Social meda (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) and their target was RobinHood.

What was Robinhood Hack?

     The scammers created a bogus token named $RBH, with NFT, kept its price very low ($0.0005) to avoid the realm of suspicion, and made it available on the Binance Smart Chain on pancakeswap for easy purchase. Then it used Robinhood's official Twitter account to promote the scam token.


Robinhood is Guilty too!

     Token name RBH is similar to Robin Hood. This means hackers already knew which platforms they had to target. Moreover hacking multiple social media accounts is suspicious.

Was Scam Sucessful?

     It was, although not a big scam, but still some scam was made under BNB 


Even Scammers are playing victim card

Twitter screenshot

Binance Got Against, but CZ promised to check 


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