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PayPal Enters Stablecoin Business with PYUSD

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 8 Aug 2023

     PayPal, a leader in electronic payments, has launched the USD-backed stablecoin PayPal USD, $PYUSD. PayPal is placing an important waging chapter through this.

Reliability of $PYUSD

The stablecoin industry has been under suspicion ever since Terra's stablecoin $UST was ultimately depegged. The solution is $PYUSD because:

  • Reserve Proof: Because $PYUSD is based on real assets owned by PayPal, it is an accurate reserve.
  • Simple Conversion: PayPal's $PYUSD currency makes it simple for people who have trouble converting their cryptocurrency to fiat.

The Unreliability of $PYUSD

The blockchain was created by the Honourable Satoshi Nakamoto to promote financial independence, but the $PYUSD cryptocurrency has a centralization contention.

  • Complete financial control: Paypal is entirely within its rights to seize and remove $PYUSD assets as well as its addresses.
  • Political Control: Users are constantly under government monitoring because PayPal is a US firm that answers to powerful US organisations like the SEC.


     Due to its reliability, stablecoin is a strong rival to fiat, but it also presents difficulties for the financial services industry. With $PYUSD, PayPal has made an attempt to mount a similar challenge. In the beginning, PayPal considered blockchain a scam; now, it wants to use blockchain to control others.

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