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Outrage in the Crypto World Over Lawsuits Against Tornado Cash Co-Founders

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 24 Aug 2023

     The US Department of Justice and the Department of Treasury charged Tornado Cash's co-founders, Roman Storm and Roman Semenov, with lawsuits in SDNY court, bringing uphue in the crypto world.

Tornado cash crackdown

     The US government charged Tornado Cash last year for intentionally helping hackers and fraudsters, including the infamous North Korean hacking group Lazarus. Alexey Pertsev was arrested last year in the Netherlands. Roman Storm and Roman Semenov were arrested in the US by the FBI recently.

Charges and possible sentences

     The charges levelled against Storm and Semenov are Money Laundering (sentence up to 20 years), Sanctions Violations (sentence up to 20 years), and doing Money-transmitting Business without licence (sentence up to 5 years). These charges may put Storm and Semenov in jail for up to 45 years. Damian Williams is the attorney for the government.

Crypto Community Objection

     Tornado Cash's crypto mixer is software to transmit money, so it is natural that all crypto software providers will be targeted if Tornado Cash is declared guilty. Crypto advocacy group Coin Centre is supporting Tornado Cash.  Crypto community is more concerned about privacy.


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