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Fantom Blockchain offers Terra Blockchain project

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 16 May 2022

     Fantom Blockchain has made an offer on Twitter to Terra Luna developers and asked them to contacr.

     Since the Terra Blockchain's downfall, all Terra Luna projects have been closed. Some serious developers are currently searching for a new blockchain to use for their project. 

     Although Terra2 is scheduled to be built as hardfork of the Terra blockchain, another blockchain is being examined after Binance CEO CZ declared the Terra2 process impractical.

     Ethereum blockchain is also gaining attention because of its popularity, however, due to high gas fees, ethereum may not be the most appealing option. This has been exploited by Fantom.

  The Fantom Foundation has pledged to assist with grant programmes, integrations, marketing, and connections by sending out a message to developers, it also claimed that uptime is 100 percent, fast, low-cost, and reliability.

Fantom Tweet

People are now giving divided opinions on Fantom's offer, but there are less positive and Mose doubtful responses. What are yours'?

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