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Crypto Exchanges are Playing sides to win support

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 9 Jan 2023

     Centralized crypto platforms are facing 2 serious issues -

  • Been accused of cyber crime by, and non- cooperate with investigators.
  • Losing the trust of investors after FTX collapse, and they are losing money (Read Here). 

So they are in attemp to play both sides.

Binance and ACSS

     Binance has joined the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists (ACSS), where its sanctio tean will undergo training to advance their credentials.


Coinbase In-Story

     Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has attempted to promote better transparency at his company, claiming that videography is also allowed at Coinbase.


KuCoin & Proof of Reserve

     KuCoin is promoting its Proof-of-Reserve to gain support of investors, this will save their business.

Kraken and No-Vaccine Appeasement

     Kraken is trying to gain support by supporting one view in a public debate, like comparing with Kraken vaccine, to win over anti-vaccine people.


Huobi and Chinese Market 

     Huobi under Justin Sun is behaving normally, but with "Pi" Scam, it is losing credibility among mass, so Justin Sun is now only posting in Chinese. 

     Most of other platforms like Poloniex, are providing regular competition to attract bonus hunters, this idea remains with aa exchanges 


     The different attempts being made by the major exchanges are due to the fact that government bodies also have a lot of excuses to counter the industry. So attempts are being made for their promotion.

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