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Carolyn Ellison becomes noose around SBF's neck

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 30 Jul 2023

     Caroline Ellison, the ex-allyless, companion, girlfriend of scam king Sam Bankman Fried (SBF), has become a problem to SBF's freedom in the FTX case.

Diary leak lands SBF in Jail with GAG Order to all

     Recently, the court sent SBF to jail on DoJ's allegations of leaking Caroline's private diaries. The court has also issued gag order on all the parties involved in the case, barring them from sharing information about each other to third parties. It seems Caroline and SBF have turned against each other due to pressure.


DoJ is working for politics, not for SBF

    SBF got bail with great difficulty; the DoJ has dropped the campaign finance charge on SBF too; and the DoJ has also appealed to cancel SBF's bail in the name of Caroline. All this seems to indicate that the DoJ's pro-SBF motive was only an attempt to protect politicians who received contributions from SBF and not an attempt to save SBF.

Caroline and SBF's Illusion

     SBF is certainly to blame for the collapse of the crypto market by the FTX scam empire, but Caroline Ellison is by no means innocent. Caroline had a role as co-CEO of the FTX empire, she handled major scam arm Alamenda Research, and prevented the SEC from taking timely action through her father's influence.

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