Binance Launchpool PIXEL

Binance launchpool launches Web3 Gaming protocol PIXEL

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 8 Feb 2024

    Binance has released Pixels (PIXEL) on its Launchpool, $PIXEL is the native token of Pixels Network.


What is Pixels (PIXEL)?

     Pixel is a Web3 gaming protocol built on the Ronin Network. Pixel is a Play-and-Own type of project where users create games and own their progress. The native token of Pixels is $PIXEL, which is powered by Ethereum and Ronin smart contracts. The initial circulating supply of $PIXEL was 15.42%, and the maximum supply is 5 billion $PIXEL.


 Binance Giveaway 

     Pixels (PIXEL) is the 46th project of Binance Launchpool. Binance has announced $PIXEL farming Pools of BNB and FDUSD. The farming reward is 350M $PIXEL which is 7% of the maximum token supply. 80% of the rewards will be distributed to the BNB pool and 20% to the FDUSD pool. Token farming period is 10 days February 9, to 18, 2024.


Trading PIXEL

     Pixels (PIXEL) trading will start in Binance on February 19, 2024 at 10 AM (UTC), the $PIXEL token will be available as a pair with Bitcoin, Binance's native token BNB, stablecoins FDUSD & USDT, and Turkish fiat currency TRY. The trading will use "Seed Tag", which means innovative project of high volatility and risk.

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