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Binance got new Competitor in Kraken

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 13 Dec 2022

Kraken Returns From Blacklist

    After ruined FTX, Binance is facing new challanger in Kraken, Jesse Powell is giving a tough time to CZ-led Binance. Recently, the Twitter digging by Elon Musk has revealed that the "Kraken" name was blacklisted on Twitter; this not only included Kraken Exchange but also Kraken-named Rum and the Seattle Ice Hockey team. Now, open Kraken is emerging to become a strong influencer.


PoR Challange 

 Kraken, which is emerging with its audit and transparent Proof of Reserve, although CZ is also trying to prove Binance's reserve, but Jessy has described CZ's efforts (Markel Tree aaudit) as 'misleading'.

Safety Challenge 

       Recently, Binance suspended withdrawals from several accounts in the name of investigation, although Binance did not claim any hacking or security lapse, but Kraken's CEO-to-be David Ripley is taking advantage by promoting Kraken.

Hinted Earlier 

     It was hinted at earlier that all is not well between Binance and Kraken, but CZ distanced himself from the controversy.

 A new twist may emerge as the SBF trail begins.

Unexpected support from Coinbase 

     Known as the thoughest rival, Coinbase was never that much with Binance, but this time, Coinbase'is becoming more friendly, because it is about audit. This means that others may approach in order to avoid conflict.

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