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Algorand - What can I do in it?

By Jacalf | Crypto casual Chronicles | 22 Nov 2021

Hi everyone,

For the last few months, I have been deep into the Algorand chain. I do believe this chain not only has a lot of potential but right now you can start using it with some interesting projects.

Here you can find a list of some projects I have been using:

Algorand Wallet


Description - Algorand’s official wallet, built by the team that brought you the Algorand Blockchain



Description - MyAlgo Connect is the best gateway to access and connect Dapps with the Algorand blockchain. Access DeFi and other apps with your MyAlgo accounts.



Description - DeFi suite on Algorand, No-loss prize games. Multi-asset staking. Cross-chain swapping.



Description - next-generation decentralized AMM on the Algorand blockchain.


I'll be editing this post with all the projects I end up trying that I see use for the community.

Feel free to leave any projects you want me to try out in the comments!




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Crypto casual Chronicles
Crypto casual Chronicles

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