Why We Need Decentralized Social Media Now More Than Ever

By amberbyers | Crypto Byers | 19 Apr 2022

A lot is going on in the world nowadays. Fascism is seemingly on the rise, and that doesn't exclude the world of social media.

Large centralized social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are censoring people on both the left and the right, and not just for political stances. They will censor and ban you for the most trivial things, rarely taking context or intent into account.

There is also the issue of who is profiting off of your content. With centralized social media, the platform keeps all of the money and shoves ads at you constantly. With income inequality and inflation worse than ever, we need to have rights to the profits of our own content. A social media platform should be just that. A platform. It should not be this all-encompassing big brother-type entity in all of our online lives.

This is where decentralized social media comes in. They offer the same user experience but without the ads, and without the censorship. Platforms like Hive and Diamond already exist, we just need to use them. The tools are there for us to break free from these controlling platforms and decentralize our online social lives.

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