MoonShifter DAO Newsletter #2 - Lift Off!

By amberbyers | Crypto Byers | 10 Aug 2023

Hello and welcome back to the weekly newsletter for MoonShifter DAO!!!


The MOONSHIFT token has been launched on Hive via TribalDEX with a total minted amount of 20,000 tokens! As per the White Paper, a total of 2,000 MOONSHIFT were listed for sale for 0.031 HIVE. Of that amount, 1,826.636909 remain for sale at that price. We also have listed a Limit Buy for 2,000 MOONSHIFT to be bought for 0.03 HIVE so that you can always cash out if needed. 60 HIVE is locked into that open transaction, and it will remain open until 2,000 MOONSHIFT have been bought back. However, this means there will be less MOONSHIFT in circulation for DAO voting, so make smart choices!

The official MoonShifter DAO NFT Series titled MoonDreams was announced this week! The debut includes MoonDreams - Reflections and MoonDreams - Impressions which are pfp art NFT series focusing on what it means to be human. You can find out more in our blog post here!

We also airdropped 20 MOONSHIFT this week of the 4,000 tokens set aside for this purpose. That leaves us with 3,980 MOONSHIFT to airdrop over the life of this token. Congratulations to @janacuddles and @edje for receiving an airdrop of 10 MOONSHIFT each!


Speaking of airdrops! To take part in this airdrop please follow the rules below:

  1. Comment on this post what your favorite Movie, Musician, TV Show, or other work of art is your favorite and why it means so much to you.
  2. Tag a friend who may be interested in MoonShifter DAO!
  3. One comment per Hive account please!
  4. We will be airdropping a total of 80 MOONSHIFT (50 set aside + 30 left over from last week). 10 tokens will go to the first eight valid commenters.
  5. The accounts that receive these airdrops will be given a shoutout in the next newsletter!

Thanks for reading our newsletter! Stay tuned for more MoonShifter DAO news!!

**Originally posted on PeakD here**

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