Is It Profitable to Mine Crypto on Your Old Laptop?

By amberbyers | Crypto Byers | 18 Mar 2022

No, almost certainly not. What, did you think the answer would be yes? Ha! Funny...

So, I decided about a month ago to try using the old laptop with a broken screen I was previously using as a monitor stand, to mine crypto. I researched various coins that were supposed to be easy to mine with cheap or old equipment, looking into Ravencoin, Dogecoin, Monero, and eventually I landed on DuinoCoin as what seemed to be the easiest one to mine in my situation.

If you haven't heard of Duinocoin, well that makes sense. The last update from the project was on Valentines Day but it seems continuing work is sparse. It's supposed to be a coin that is easy to mine and somehow carbon neutral, however I question the legitimacy of this claim after mining the coin for a month.

The old laptop was only able to average around 200 kh/s while mining which is...not great to say the least. After an entire month of mining at this rate, the grand total I made was 5.4 DuinoCoin, or about a fifth of a penny. Yeah, not great. I wasn't tracking my energy use for this experiment but it was undoubtedly much higher than the meager "profit" made.

So, to sum up, it was not profitable at all. I stopped the mining program before starting this article and don't plan on using that laptop for mining again.

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