An Overview of Phone Crypto Mining Apps

By amberbyers | Crypto Byers | 11 Apr 2022

What are phone mining apps? My understanding is they're more like faucets with the UI of mining. They don't use any power from your phone and phones aren't powerful enough to do actual crypto mining. Listed below are three examples of these apps.

Pi Network

Definitely the most well known of these, and not entirely in a positive way. Some people are worried that the coin will not come to fruition and the mining will be for nothing. What I say to this is that pressing a button once a day to possibly get a decent payout later is worth it in my book. The team also releases regular updates so I have confidence in the backing of this project.

The Pi app dashboard


Perhaps the most legitimate of these apps, as it "mines" a usable coin, KSX, that can be traded. However, the miner has been under maintenance for some time, and it's unclear whether it will return.



Perhaps a dead project, perhaps not. The dev team promises to bring this coin to usability but don't seem to have a roadmap. It's also pretty difficult to find anything on the project other than how to download the app. We shall see what comes of this one.


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