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By Davorr | Crypto by Davor | 10 Mar 2022

As we have established in the series of articles, there is no sure way to get to any significant amount of cryptocurrency.

The best way is if you have any amount of money you can lock in crypto and the investing it. You play with it like with regular stock options - you buy low and sell high. 

Now, you don't sell high if you don't have a significant amount of money invested in it. 11% may be much for BTC, going from 44.000 to 38.000 (roughly), but if you invest 10 USD, don't bother selling "high".

What kind of currency should you invest in?

I would look at BTC and come to two very important conclusions:

1) BTC has a capped circulating supply.

This means once BTC reaches 21.000.000 coins, there will be no more new coins and the "scarcity" may drive the price to skyrocket like it did before. Another possibility is that the hype around BTC calms down and it starts going down as you won't be able to get any more. 

Whichever happens, you will want to focus, as others will, to other coins, because they will then become the primary mining focus and their price will be the next to skyrocket. I would be buying coins that have their circulating supply capped, that are relatively low cost, so that when the price rises, you have a significant amount to trade and become the next rich crypto guy.

Examples of low priced capped coins: XRP, Cardano, Cronos, Stellar, Hedera

Exceptions: Ethereum, BNB, Solana - these coins and some others have a relatively higher price than others even though they are not capped.

2) BTC doesn't know his daddy

Some guy named Satoshi (most likely a pseudonym) invented the BTC, which in turn actually makes it more stable. As you know, stocks have taken a dive after the founder of some company dies or a director or some other important person leaves or, nowadays, you say something wrong on the internet and the cancel culture starts tweeting. This means that the BTC is protected from any scandals and is, therefore, more stable than other currencies for which we know who its founder is.

High hopes for low prices

If you want to invest in something with very low risk, then maybe you can invest in SHIB, DOGE, APENFT, Statera, Spell, Tron, Ravencoin. I say low risk because even though it may be a risk that some of those will grow significantly, you can get almost half a million SHIB for 10 USD. In case its worth goes up to just 1 USD, you're halfway to a millionaire. It's a very big question when or even if it will reach that, but I think you can set aside that 10 USD without much worry.


I am by no means a financial advisor, except maybe to some friends, so don't take what I say as gospel, I just think that my train of thought makes sense and that this may have big results in the next two years.

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Crypto by Davor
Crypto by Davor

Some thoughts about crypto currency from the perspective of someone new to it.

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